Toastmasters Educational Program

In addition to regular Toastmasters meetings, Toastmasters offers members both a Communication program and a Leadership program. New members will commence on the Communication track, and later participate in the Leadership program. Both programs can be undertaken at the same time.

Communication Program

The Communication Program is designed to help members develop their speaking, evaluation, and listening skills. The first stage of the communication program, that all members undertake, is the Communication and Leadership Program manual. Sometimes called the ‘Basic Manual’, this is a series of ten speech projects that aim to develop particular aspects of public speaking. While the speech topics and content are left up to the speaker, the manual give you specific tips and objectives to keep in mind when preparing your speech.

Once members have completed the basic manual, they can then move onto more specialised training. Advanced Communication manuals cover topics such as: “The Entertaining Speaker”, “Interpersonal Communication”, “Speaking to Inform”, and “Public Relations”. Whether you are interested in developing your speaking style for work or pleasure, there is a training manual to suit your needs.

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Leadership Program

The Leadership program offers members an opportunity to take on a leadership role within the organisation. Members can serve as officers on the Club Executive, developing and practicing skills in management, teamwork, planning, and organisation. Similar opportunities are also available at Area, Division and District levels. The Leadership program also offers opportunities to deliver educational speeches, seminars and training sessions, as well as taking on projects and initiatives.

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Progression within both the Communication and Leadership programs culminates in the highest Toastmaster award – Distinguished Toastmaster.

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