Roles that make up the meeting are as follows:

  • Toastmaster:¬†Organises that week’s agenda and chairs the meeting.
  • Word of the Day:¬†Presents a new word in order to expand the audience’s vocabulary.
  • Table Tonic: Prepares and delivers a short speech of a topical, relevant nature. A good starting point for new members.
  • Table Topics: Asks questions or gives prompts which participants then speak about for one minute. Participants learn to think on their feet and express themselves clearly on the spot.
  • Speeches: Members deliver prepared speeches as part of their Communication and Leadership training.
  • Evaluators: Provide constructive, positive feedback to various speakers throughout the meeting.
  • Grammarian: Notes aspects of speaking style and word usage throughout the meeting. Counts ‘ums’ and other ‘fillers’ that often go unnoticed by the speaker. Also notes speakers using the word of the day.
  • Timer: Keeps time for each of the allocated speaking roles. This ensures meetings stay within the hour given, and improves speaker performance.

Tasks at each meeting rotate to enable members to develop confidence in the various meeting skills. Our meetings generally are fast paced but usually everyone gets an opportunity to participate in some way. Main speakers for each meeting receive several weeks advance notice, allowing plenty of time for speech preparation.

Guests do not take on any of these roles but are encouraged to participate in the Table Topics session.

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