Club Officers

The Canberra City Toastmasters Club is simply a group of ordinary people who, for a range of reasons, want or need to improve their capacity to deliver a speech or presentation with confidence and professionalism. We are mutually supportive and enjoy our experience with Toastmasters.
The Canberra City club was established in 1976. Our membership base is very diverse, and we welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. We have a casual, fun and supportive atmosphere and try not to take ourselves too seriously while we all learn and develop together.
Each Toastmaster club has an Executive team who oversee various aspects of the club functions. Each six months a new club Executive is voted in by members. The Executive for Canberra City for the six months ending on 30 June 2019 are:
President Kevin Mathew
Vice President Membership Yuan Yuan Liu
Vice President Public Relations Mariana Marcano
Secretary Shifra Joseph
Sargent at Arms Maki Watson
Please feel free to contact one of us if you require further information about our club or how to attend one of our club meetings.

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